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About Us



As an author of this story I wanted to use Wounded Angel Wings to represent women of all races and ages, individuals who want to share the story behind their wings. 


To be able to express your pain is a transition into healing. As you heal, your wings will begin to flourish and then you become stronger, proud, accomplished, and blessed that you’ve made it through yet another storm.


We all may have experienced some kind of mental, physical, or physiological trauma, but because there is a God he would not ever fail us or forsake us, we are healed.  Failure is not an option and we as sisters should support one another and adjust their crowns accordingly. Stand tall, chins held high, be proud of your crown, for your wings tell your story.


Honestly, I believe every woman’s wings have been wounded, in one way or another. When I was a young lady and a mother of a 3-year-old, I was physically abused by someone that “loved” me, and for very stupid reasons. My boyfriend embarrassed me at a party, accusing me of allowing a young lady to flirt with me. As he yelled, “Get your kid, let’s go!”, We continued with the altercation in the car which led to me being punched in the face. After that storm passed our landlord agreed to give us work for pay. Well, I did not have a car and he took me to his house as he wanted it cleaned. I will not say he did not try but it went nowhere. He then took me home and brought my boyfriend to do yard work. Well he told my boyfriend that he had sex with me. My boyfriend came back to me and punched me so hard in the temple I saw stars. I was finally able to find the strength and courage to remove my son and myself from that horrible situation and we sought shelter for battered women. It was a horrible violation of trust and took me many years to try to trust again. I then learned to how to become a stronger person. I became a truck driver, grandmother, a Certified Surgical Technologist (graduating top in my class), and most of all a brand-new woman. My wounded angel wings are healing, and this is just the beginning.

My husband and I have been married for about seven years now. We have never intentionally tried for a child but eventually having them was our desire. After about a few visits to a specialist in July 2018, I was told that my uterine fibroids had returned and were fairly large. After being tested, my husband was
told that his semen was basically “dead”. We walked out the office with our wings wounded, had a real conversation and looked to God. The Lord told me to speak to my husband and remind him that there is NOTHING dead about him! That there is a living God that dwells in him! In January 2019, we found out that we were pregnant! We were so shocked, grateful & excited about our little miracle. The pregnancy was high risk because of my age, my fibroids and we experienced a lot of bleeding. In March 2019, we lost our child and our wings were wounded, again. So hurt, we still looked to God. After being told “we could not” and after the loss, we should not… all glory be to God, we found out that on his way was……..

There is a saying that goes something like… “You have to experience pain to know what happiness truly feels like.” Well there was a time in my life when I was not exactly sure what a happy relationship looked or felt like. I found my way into an abusive relationship and began to experience hardships I never imagined possible. While that seems like a harsh reality to most, it was during those hard times that I found my strength and my voice. I turned every hard experience into a learning experience. Day by day I grew stronger and just as I found my way into that negative situation, this strong woman found herself out of it. I learned that although my wings were wounded, they certainly did not break…I did not break. #phenomenalwomanthatsme


I have always thought of myself as a strong woman, loving, nurturing, protective, assertive, as well as having a deep faith in God. I have learned that with life comes pain and after losing both my parents at what I consider a young age, with my faith in God I was able to keep living with what I believed my parents would want me to do.  With 2 of the biggest losses in my life I couldn’t have ever imagined I would experience a lost much greater. The loss of my son, my Prince, my protector, my baby boy. Is the reason my wings are wounded. Each day I awake I can still see your smile and when I look up at the sky I can picture you jumping from one fluffy cloud to another. As the sun rays shine down on me I imagine I hear your voice saying, “Momma although your wings may be wounded stand up strong and spread your wings and soar in life and fulfill all you have ever dreamed. Because all things are possible if you just Believe.”

Growing up as an only child in a slightly broken home, I struggled with authority, friends, school, dedications, and self respect. I had a child as a senior high school graduate. I fought harder against becoming a negative statistic in the streets of Los Angeles, and did my very best growing into an adult raising four kids. Now as a mature adult, I see true colors of struggles, words, emotions, and beliefs. Since I have started this journey I have lost so many family members, friends, and associates on the count of being judged by everyone else but not yet by the one that matters most. I must remind myself daily that those that judged against me shall be judged and those that failed to speak truth for me shall someday answer. The ability to speak my truth and prove my right has been taken from me and leaves me alone to heal differently. So as the strong black woman that I am, I will adjust my crown and succeed for my younger daughter and cherish life to the fullest because we never know what comes within the future tomorrows. With lack of support I must be strong for myself and face my faults, heal myself and continue on because failure is not an option. I will be strong and I will prosper with the Lord on my side. And that is the reason for my Wounded Angel Wings.


I am 44 years old. At the age of 19 I had my first child and I was lost. I met a man much older than me. He was 32 years old at the time and he was so good to me. After we started having kids, things started changing. He became controlling, he didn’t want me around my family, I couldn’t dress the way I wanted to, and he started trying to brainwash me and began using me. As I got older, I had to stop and think, “I don’t need a man that doesn’t want me around my family, all the while telling me what I can and can’t do.” I was working making sure my family ate and had a roof their heads, I became the provider. After all the things I had done for him he just started putting me down, so I prayed every night that God would give me a sign that it was time for me to go. So, he gave me my sign and a year ago I left him. I am happy with my life. I care for me myself differently. I always have a smile on my face and I don’t let anyone get to me. So if you think that the man that puts you down and always speaks bad about you loves you, he doesn’t. I know one thing, love is not supposed to hurt. This is my story behind my Wounded Angel Wings, what is yours?